When you know better, you do better.

– Maya Angelou

better. is a creative impact agency specializing in business development, brand engagement, and DEI best practices. We aim to better support communities, businesses, and people of color with authentic marketing, genuine storytelling, and sustainable strategies that facilitate real growth. We do this better than any other “agency” because we are + breathe diversity, equity, and inclusion into everything we do. Straight up.

Creative Impact Agency

We work within many industries and community-based organizations across the public and private sectors, including local and regional government. We partner and provide service through a better approach that is inclusive, unbiased, and dripping with authenticity. We harness the mentality of Frederick, the spirit of Sojourner and the urgency of Malcolm.


Be the difference, don’t pay for it.

People > Profit

When people are put first, anything and everything is possible. put them last, that's yo ass.

Collaboration > Competition

We emphasize the impact through diversity, equity, and inclusion in our DNA and our creative services.

Community > Everything

We pride ourselves on supporting and building communities that enhance access to people of color.

When you learn, teach. When you get, give.

We're creating for generational change and in order to do that, we create our own programs to give it back but better.


+ Passion

We brew impact, creativity, and community into every process of marketing and promotion. Where others leverage 'culture' we uplift the community. Storytelling through scalable strategies that are genuine, collaborative, and engaging is our bread & creative butter.
Business Development

Connecting dots & enhancing opportunities for growth + access.

Impact Marketing

Creative,inclusive & intentional marketing that’s dope & impactful.

Creative Strategy

Bespoke strategy & systems that are attainable & built to scale.​

Who We Rock With

From fortune 500 to independent start-ups, we get it and we do it better.

We know what it’s like to start with an idea and/or scratch. It’s not as hard as the world make it out to be…people, passion, product, and partners are the key ingredients to early success.

Whether new or not, being a small business is also a very personal experience. We love to help those who are creating their own way professionally & personally.

We believe in investing time, attention, and creative energy within education is paramount for the success of future generations. We take great pride in our approach to supporting, enabling, and enhancing levels of education.

We work with brands and corporations to better enable their DEI and impact marketing efforts. We lead the charge for what this looks like and how to best sustain it.

We operate within and around City & Government to help facilitate all our efforts into a long-term plan that align with local & national governance.

As a community-based agency, we prioritize all efforts that better enable impact, outreach, and awareness but in a fun and creative way.

We know the important & value of feeling included and welcomed. We work with everything in between hospitality and the great outdoors to better enable people of color.

Yep, we support, manage, and create with talent in all forms of art & culture. From diverse music artist to dope photographers, we does this.

If you ain't about community, equity, or diversity...



Equity is 100% inclusive.

We know there is strength in diversity. When people are put first, anything and everything is possible. From the beginning to the completion, we include and invest in diversity as a founding ingredient to real equitable change. We work with creatives of all races, genders, nationalities, preferences, communities, identities, and perspectives in order to bring the most inclusive forms of business, access, and impact.

+ family

The time to face historical wealth inequalities is way past due. We are committed to pay equity across our entire team. our better. policy is a consistent hourly rate for all partners, contributors, and contractors. No one works for anyone, we only work together. That’s better.

Jonathan Riley

CEO / Founder

Lauren Hampton

COO / Partner

Herbert Beauclere

CMO / Partner

Abibat Durosimi

Production Lead

Jason Hill

Media Lead

Maggie Monroe

Project Lead

Todd Adams

Brand Lead

Palani BearGhost

Creative Lead

Dorian Smith

Education Director

Brenda Rivas

Youth Director

Paul Peters

Impact Director

Chloë Miller

Social Lead

Jonny Cool

Sound Lead

Amaryllis Quintanilla

Accounting Director

Conrad Hurdle

Equity Director

a better difference

 We represent real equity, diversity, and inclusion. When you rock with us, you’re supporting this diverse group of leaders, whose story itself is equally as important as the story we can tell together.

The Most Equitable Agency.


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